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Clive Bush is Emeritus Professor of American literature at King’s College London. He is  also a poet and keen amateur pianist. His  work as a cultural historian has always combined many disciplines.

He taught 24 years at the University of Warwick, at the Institute for American Studies, now the Institute of the Americas, University of London, and for fourteen years full-time at King’s College, London. where he was also Chair of the English Department.

To the right is the cover of his latest monograph: The Century’s Midnight

The cover is a water colour of Jackson Pollock’s War of 1947 from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.

You can find detailed information on this book by clicking on the Book’s link to the left.

His latest book of poems in Lingerings of the Large Day, with drawings by Allen Fisher, published, 1st November, 2014, by Five Seasons Press, Hereford.

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Lingerings Of The Large Day