Out Of Dissent

IMG_0009Out of  Dissent, A Study of Five Contemporary British Poets.Out Of Dissent

London: Talus Editions, 1997. 584 pp.; bibliography, index.

This work discusses in full historical and cultural context five poets of the English poetry revival which began in the late 1960’s and flourished in spite of a media dominated by official poets from the poet laureate downwards.

 The is the first serious attempt, and at some length to look at the work of Thomas  A. Clark, Allen Fisher,Bill Griffiths, Barry MacSweeney and Eric Mottram.

At the time of publication, given the difficulty of getting texts, an anthology with generous selections was produced alongside this volume. The details are as follows:

 ed. & intro. Clive Bush. London: Talus Editions, 1997. 534 pp.; bibliography, index.

These books are difficult now to get hold of, and need republishing.There are a few copies left and anyone interested should contact me.